• Baltic Formula

14 May September 2023, 6pm at the Lithuanian Pavilion

2125 Campo Tana, Castello, Venice
(opposite the entrance to the Arsenale)

A conversation by curatorial teams of the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Austrian pavilions moderated by Aurora Fonda will share experiences in developing and implementing their unique projects for the 18th Biennale Architettura. With a specific focus and attention to Venice – how each developed authentic sensibility towards the locality of the historic city and its challenges while being related through the main topic of this year’s Biennale – The Laboratory of the Future

Their diverse propositions will be discussed as possibly mutually complementary projects that could be read as specific case studies of response to the different contexts of the urban structure of the Venice microcosm. A direct comparison of these visions offers a moment for a dialogue on possible continuities for the knowledge and relations that have been developed throughout this process. 


Estonian Pavilion
Aet Ader, Mari Möldre (Curators of Home Stage), Paula Veidenbauma (Performer), Andrea Tamm (Estonian Centre for Architecture)

Latvian Pavilion
Ernests Cerbulis, Uldis Jaunzems-Pētersons (Curators of T/C LATVIJA (TCL)), Ints Menģelis (Contributor at “T/C LATVIJA (TCL)”)

Lithuanian Pavilion
Jurga Daubaraitė, Egija Inzule, Jonas Žukauskas (Curators of The Children’s Forest Pavilion)

Austrian Pavilion
Harald Trapp / AKT (Co-curator of Partecipazione / Beteiligung)

Moderator: Aurora Fonda, Head of the School for Curatorial Studies Venice

Supported by the Baltic Culture Fund

This conversations is part of the Pavilion Days that are planned as a moment to share ideas and concepts behind the national exhibitions and aim to strengthen the international architectural network. The Pavilion Days are an initiative of the Global Commissioners Group, in which various national pavilions actively participate. Additionally to a joint programme there will be different events, seminars, tours, talks, and inspiring encounters during 14th and 15th September. Follow the updated public programme of all the participating countries through the national pavilions’ joint online platform through this link: www.biennalepavilions.com

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