REDISCOVERING PLANTS Rheinauer Theses on the Rights of Plants

Acknowledging that all living organisms have a common origin, considering that in their differentness plants will in the final analysis always remain a mystery to us, attempting to comprehend plant nature more deeply and to protect its uniqueness, we propose the following theses with the aim of allowing plants to express themselves for their own […]


Published on the occasion of the CHILDREN’S FOREST PAVILIONLithuania at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2023: THE SWAMP OBSERVATORY ECO-MONSTERS OF THE FUTURE SWAMPUrbonas Studio (Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas) TIMBER OF NERINGANeringa Forest Architecture In the forest, I tell my child, we should stop and be still. Be quiet and […]


Neringa Forest Architecture (NFA) reflects on the agency of cultural practices and institutions in framing environmental relationships. The project involves a growing assembly of collaborations and participants to read the cultural landscape of Curonian Spit from myriad perspectives and practices as a case study of an environment of natural systems governed, exploited, and regulated by […]

Ancient Woods Foundation

In poster-form, Gabrielė Grigorjevaitė presents a case study of the Ancient Woods Foundation – an organisation campaigning for the preservation of the few remaining old-growth forests in Lithuania. A consortium of biologists, botanists, environmental scientists, as well as artists and filmmakers, the NGO aims to preserve the most ecologically valuable old-growth forests and the life […]


Architect Mantas Peteraitis collected branches from mountain pines over 100-years-old in forests that were planted over wind-blown sand dunes in the Curonian Spit. His objective was to study the natural joints of these fragments and their possible use in furniture making. The selection of branches resemble letters and can be continuously rearranged and placed in different […]


The artist Laura Garbštienė wrote Forest Sheep, a book about agroforestry and grazing sheep in the woodlands. These stories, written in the form of a shepherd’s diary, are accompanied by illustrator and educator Kornelija Žalpytė’s drawings. PDF of the publication is available to download via this link FOREST SHEEPLaura Garbštienė and Kornelija Žalpytė Illustrator: Kornelija Žalpytė […]


The Swamp Observatory by Urbonas Studio (Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas) is a conceptual playground and a digital tool to augment reality with the  imaginaries of future time, materials and species. Suggested as an instrumentarium to restore the swamps on Gotland  Island in the Baltic Sea, the AR app was  developed in 2022 in collaboration with […]


The workbook by is composed of multilayered stories, workshops, and activities created in collaboration with local children in the Kainuu area, Finland. It grew from a series of workshops held in the notably large but threatened areas of old-growth forest in the northern boreal zone. In this workbook, readers can discover the forest, its ecosystem […]

In the forest, I tell my child, we should stop and be still. Be quiet and listen, and look for what is there or not there

There is no emptiness, no silence, just life. Life is slow to do its work. It takes many generations for a forest to mature. Yet, each thing that makes up the forest is a little bit different now than it was. Let’s come back here together; in the evening, tomorrow, next season, next year, another […]

The Secret Book of Lichens

Sometimes, if you take a closer look at a tree trunk, you may be able to see letters. This swirly script forms part of The Secret Book of Lichens, the pages of which are scattered across the entire forest. Although many plants and animals have tried to read what is written in it, none have […]