• Found in Translation: Architecture, Land, Landscape, Language

14 October 2023, 2pm at the Docks Cantieri Cucchini, Venice

2125 Campo Tana, Castello, Venice
(opposite the entrance to the Arsenale)

Hosted by Scotland + Venice
Curated by A Fragile Correspondence and Dualchas

This event is a part of the public programme supporting A Fragile Correspondence, a collateral event of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, created by the Architecture Fringe, -ism magazine and /other.

Expanding on the themes of architecture, land, landscape and language common to both A Fragile Correspondence and Dualchas’s presentation in the Arsenale as well as many other presentations at this year’s Exhibition, the event creates a space for dialogue between a range of different projects – all united through their interest in architecture as a social, cultural and political activity. This dialogue asks how a closer reading of land and landscape can help architecture adapt to the changing world of the climate emergency, an evolving profession, and a recalibration of what it means to practice architecture.

Through an afternoon of talks, panel discussions and debates, with a diverse range of speakers, these ideas will be explored from multiple perspectives across La Biennale. We will also be paying a visit to the Lithuanian Pavilion as part of the programmed event. The afternoon will end with some light refreshments.


2:00pm Hellos and Welcomes

2:15pm Dialogue 1: Architecture and Land
Austrian Pavilion (Philipp Stern) + Orizzontale (Giuseppe Grant)

3:00pm Dialogue 2: Architecture and Language
Dualchas (Rory Flyn) + Dualchas Collaborators (Peter Marsden, Jordan Young, Hector MacInnes) + A Fragile Correspondence (Kristina Enberg, Neil McGuire, Andy Summers)

4:00pm Group walk to Lithuanian Pavilion,  2125 Campo Tana, Venezia, Castello

4:30pm Dialogue 3: Architecture and Landscape
Writer Cal Flyn + Lithuanian Children’s Forest Pavilion (Egija Inzule)

5:15pm light refreshments served at Scotland + Venice
6:30pm end

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