• In the forest, I tell my child, we should stop and be still. Be quiet and listen, and look for what is there or not there.

There is no emptiness, no silence, just life. Life is slow to do its work. It takes many generations for a forest to mature.

Yet, each thing that makes up the forest is a little bit different now than it was.

Let’s come back here together; in the evening, tomorrow, next season, next year, another decade, another century, forever…

Tuomas Toivonen

side a: 45 rpm

1. Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) chiseling a nest hole in a pine snag, contact microphones.
· Harmaankärki: 491-516-1-9 24
February 2023

2. Steel wires strung between the forest’s oldest trees, played with an electromagnetic exciter in various locations.
· Mustarinda: 105-893-10-1
· Kirintövaara: 614-416-32-37 
· Harmaankärki: 491-516-1-9
February 2023

3. Overtone flute, played under seafront pines on a raised beach by the open Baltic Sea. A radar tower can be heard rotating in the background.
· Isosaari: 91-416-1-0
21 March 2023 

side b: 33 rpm

1. Digital oscillators with contact microphone, humming, meltwater stream and cave, amid a mixed forest with spruce, birch, black alder and pine. Quiet rustlings of a curious squirrel barely audible over the ambience.
· Mustavuori: 91-417-18-2 18 april 2023

2. Parabolic reflector, microphone array, leaf canopy of the birch tree in the atrium of Kulttuurisauna.
Recording made in collaboration with Tommi Grönlund and Ilari Larjosto.
· Hakaniemenranta: 91-10-9909-100 18 september 2018

Music and text: Tuomas Toivonen

Photography: Ikko Alaska
Drawing: Aura Toivonen Tsuboi
Graphic design: Nene Tsuboi

This lp was published on the occasion of the Children’s Forest Pavilion,
Lithuania at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia  2023 

Organised by: Neringa Forest Architecture 
Implemented by: Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts
© 2023 Neringa Forest Architecture and the content authors

Mastering: Ilari Larjosto  
Cutting: Timmion
Vinyl press: Helsingin Puristamo  
Publisher: Kirvarpa

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